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Board of Directors & Executive Team

Chairman & Founder
Ryan Lee
As an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, Ryan Lee started his business in New York. His dream was to inspire people to transform their business, and in doing so, help other people achieve success. After many years of experience and deliberation, he created ThanksMatrix Platform service as the ultimate virtual assistance program provider. Ryan touches hearts through a powerful legacy of giving back to the global community – a global impact was made by one amazing person who turned his passion for beautiful lives into a one-of-a-kind success story.



Board of Directors
Chairman/CEO Ryan Lee
Vice Chairman/CIO Jimmy Chang
Vice Chairman Jungkwan Kim
CMO Charlie Choi
Sr. Vice President/CSO John Cho
CTO Chunni Kim
CPO Kyungseop Lee

Executive Team
CEO/President Ryan Lee
CIO Jimmy Chang
CSO/Sr. Vice President John Cho
CMO Charlie Choi
Marketing & Promotion VP Justin Kim
Corporate Attorney Brenny Nguyen

Chief of Presidential Secretary Diane You
Chief of Presidential Secretary Seyoung Hwang
Manager Kelly Park
General Manager Jini Ryoo

Executive Director
Jenny Lee, Kwangho Lee, James Shin, Jungkul Byun

Regional Director
Kyungok Han, Hyun M Shin, Kwang S Chang

Global Companies
THANKS CHARITY: Chairman Gye Eun Choi
THANKS UNIVERSITY: President Gam Sung Ko
ESOLUTIONTG: CEO Joseph Stravato, Vice President Sean A. Lee,
IT Dev. Sr. Manager Wonkyoung Seo, IT Dev. Manager Team A Junhwan Jeon,
IT Dev. Manager Team B Steve Choi, IT Dev. Manager Team C Won Suk Kim
TMPOS: CEO Jase Sun Lee, General Manager Regina Kwon
THANKSTRUCKING: President Ronnie Lee,
Sale Manager Evan Kang, Sales Manager Sean Chang
THANKS TRAVEL: CEO Byett McDermott, President James Shin
THANKS HOLDINGS KOREA: CEO Changkyun Choi, CMO Ji Hun Kim CCO Byungrak Cho
CSO Yongju Kang, IT Dev, Director Sihun Choi, RD Yeongsun Yu, Inspector Sean A Lee
ESOLUTIONTG KOREA: CEO/President Jin Won Jeoung, CMO Kwang S Chang
TMPOS KOREA: CEO Changkyun Choi, President Byungrak Cho, COO Yongju Kang
THANKSTRUCKING KOREA: CEO/President Haewang Kim, Marketing VP Sung Soo Kim
THANKS DNC KOREA: CEO/President Jungkul Byun, CCO Han Kim
THANKS ASSET: President Wonchul Choi, Director Jungil Choi
THANKS TRAVEL KOREA: CEO/President Hyungrae Kang
TM WELLBEING THAILAND: President Inthira Chan

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